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Instructions for Filing Application for Certification


Applicants wishing to become certified as to their relative degree of competence in the field of Code Inspection and Administration may be considered, by completing the application form and providing the required references. After review by the committee they may then become classified in one of the several categories or certified by the New York State Building Officials Conference, Inc. as a professional. Those persons who previously applied and wish to be upgraded may do so.


Review and certification is available to all active members of NYSBOC. There is no  fee for certification.


Documentation of educational background above high school is required. Answer questions completely. Furnish sufficient information for the Committee to evaluate, with as much detail as possible. Type or print ALL information requested on the application form. Follow all the "Specific Requirements For Filing" on the attached sheet. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Application, documents and references should be mailed to:

BJ Gettel 
PO Box 222 
Kauneonga Lake, NY  12749 


For additional information call:

(845) 807-2273

In addition to the completed application, the following items are required to be submitted for your certification review and approval. An incomplete application only results in delays in processing or possible return of the application.

  1. A two letters of reference from NYSBOC members supporting your application for certification.

  2. A copy of your N.Y. State Certification as a code enforcement official.

  3. A transcript of your college credits and verification of graduation if a degree has been awarded.

  4. Copies of certificates awarded for other sources of learning, i.e. chapter, state, technical schools, post-college or other training.

  5. Experience can include:

    1. Dept. Head, supervisor or administrator in a code enforcement office.

    2. Inspector for a building, fire, urban renewal or insurance agency.

    3. Owner, general. manager, project manager or superintendent of a construction company.

    4. Engineer (P.E.) or Architect (R.A.) performing design work or supervision of construction in NYS or other states. (List states).

    5. Journeyman or better as designated by a labor union after training.

    6. Tradesman, foreman, draftsman or similar position in construction.

  6. Any other experience listed will be reviewed and the committee will make a determination of its acceptability

  7. Copies of Civil Service job titles, specifications and, test grades or list position.

  8. Submit the original and two (2) copies of all documents for the committee to review.

  9. As much information as you can submit that is directly related to code enforcement should be included with the application.


The review process may take upwards of 60 days, do not become anxious if we do not respond immediately. The application is reviewed by three committee members and then referred back to the committee. Upon completion of the review process, you will be notified and then, as soon as possible, the certificate will be prepared and forwarded to you or, to your chapter president for presentation if you so choose.

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